Five things for pharma marketers to know: Friday, April 13, 2018

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The FDA has launched a criminal investigation into the use of an unauthorized herpes vaccine. A Southern Illinois University professor, who died last June, reportedly injected people with the experimental vaccine in 2016. His former company, Rational Vaccines, was partially funded by Peter Thiel. (Endpoints)

Washington D.C. has launched a campaign for preventive HIV drug PReP. The drug, sold under the brand name Truvada, is at the center of the public health campaign. The push includes suggestive imagery, and it is primarily targeting black women and gay and bisexual black men, who are at high risk. (Kaiser Health News)

Johnson & Johnson and Imerys took another hit in an asbestos lawsuit. A jury in New Jersey ordered the companies to pay $80 million in punitive damages in an asbestos lawsuit. J&J said it plans to appeal the latest judgement. (Fierce Pharma)

Inogen said a data breach may have leaked the personal details of up to 30,000 current and former customers. The oxygen device maker said an employee's email account was compromised between January 2 and March 14. Compromised data included rental customers' personal information such as names, contact details, Medicare identification numbers, and insurance policy information. (Reuters)

The reviews of John Carreyrou's new book about Theranos are out, and they are juicy. Carreyrou, the investigative Wall Street Journal reporter who broke open the Theranos scandal, delved into the inner workings of the failed blood testing startup. Spoilers: He wrote that it had been lying about its technology since 2006 and about the “Therabro” company culture. (STAT)

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