Five things for pharma marketers to know: Monday, July 23, 2018

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Bayer will cease selling its birth implant Essure by the end of the year. The device sparked thousands of complaints and lawsuits, with women saying it led to everything from unwanted pregnancies to severe injuries to infant deaths. Bayer said the decision was motivated by declining sales, not safety concerns. (New York Times)

Agios Pharmaceuticals' first-in-class treatment for a type of leukemia has been approved by the FDA. A 30-day supply of the drug, Tibsovo, which contains a boxed warning for the fatal-if-untreated “differentiation syndrome,” will cost $26,115. (Reuters)

Theranos has settled a lawsuit from investors who claimed the blood testing company defrauded them. The company has also been hit with criminal and civil fraud charges. In the meantime, HBO is working on a documentary about the rise and spectacular fall of Theranos. (Wall Street Journal)

McCann Health's recent firing of its chief creative officer over a violation of the company's code of conduct spotlights the progress made to root out bad behavior -- and how much still must be done. Healthcare agency executives said the firing is a sign of progress, specifically that enforcement 
is catching up with misbehavior and that zero tolerance and demonstrably swift action are 
becoming more common. (MM&M)

Apollo Global Management is planning to buy healthcare service provider LifePoint Health in a $5.6 billion acquisition. The deal would expand Apollo's business of rural U.S. hospitals. LifePoint and its competitors are facing higher medical costs and fewer admissions. (Reuters)

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