Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, April 5, 2018

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FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb is urging internet providers to voluntarily help with the opioid crisis by removing illegal opioid listings and illicit drug offers. The surgeon general is expected to recommend on Thursday that members of the public keep antidotes for overdoses on-hand. (Washington Post)

Ferring Pharmaceuticals acquired startup Rebiotix in a deal that closed on Wednesday. Rebiotix is in Phase III trials with a fecal microbiota transplant that is being tested for C difficile. The treatment has been given fast track, break-through, and orphan drug designations by the FDA. (Endpoints)

Conatus Pharmaceuticals' liver disease treatment clinical study fell short of its goals. There was no significant difference in response rate between the group given the test drug and the placebo in Phase 2b of the study. Shares fell after the announcement. (MarketWatch)

AbbVie has signed a deal with Biogen to delay a rival version to Humira until 2023. Humira is the world's top-selling prescription medicine, bringing in $28.4 billion in sales last year. (Reuters)

CVS Health is expanding into kidney care with a new program. Its plans include helping to identify chronic kidney disease early and developing a device to offer home dialysis to patients. The program is meant to supplement care from a physician. (CNBC)
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