Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, May 31, 2018

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The FDA has approved the first artificial iris for individuals with a missing or damaged iris. The CustomFlex Artificial Iris can reduce sensitivity to light and improve the eye's appearance cosmetically for patients with congenital aniridia, a rare genetic disorder, traumatic injury, or other damage to the eye. (FDA)

The government agency has also launched an innovation challenge to spur the creation of medical devices to treat and prevent opioid addiction. The initiative will give chosen companies the chance to work closely with the FDA on the development and review of their products. (FDA)

President Donald Trump said drugmakers will voluntarily decrease prices within two weeks. However, Trump did not specify the companies to which he was referring. (CNBC) Trump also signed “right-to-try” legislation on Wednesday, meaning patients with life-threatening conditions can request experimental medicines that are not FDA approved. (STAT)

Novartis' head of U.S. oncology has left for the CEO position at Axcella. Bill Hinshaw will join the biotech firm to establish a commercialization plan for its pipeline of drugs. (Endpoints) Hinshaw is on MM&M's Health Influencer 50 list for 2017. (Health Influencer 50)

PhRMA released a report stating there are more than 1,120 oncology drugs in the pipeline, an increase of 34% since 2015 that demonstrates significant innovation in the field. However, the number doesn't reflect drugs in preclinical development. (PhRMA)

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