Five things for pharma marketers to know: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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The Trump administration will allow states to select the health benefits that must be covered by insurance plans sold under the Affordable Care Act. Previously, the ACA required coverage of 10 essential benefits, including prescription drugs and maternity care. The move could lead to less thorough coverage in some states. (Reuters)

Another Alzheimer's drug has failed in a Phase III study. The drug, from vTv Therapeutics, failed on measures of both cognition and function, adding to a long line of unsuccessful Alzheimer's treatments. (Endpoints)

The FDA has issued an order to restrict sales and distribution of Essure, an implantable contraceptive device manufactured by Bayer. The agency has received thousands of complaints about the device, including accounts of unintended pregnancies, pain, and bleeding. (CNN)

Alzheimer's researchers have proposed redefining the disease to focus on biological symptoms rather than clinical symptoms, which would allow pharma companies to conduct clinical trials before symptoms appear. (Reuters)

Activist investor Alex Denner of Sarissa capital is looking to join the board of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals. Ironwood alerted investors to the move so they could provide their input before its board issues a recommendation (CNBC).

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