Five things for pharma marketers to know: Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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1. Sales of Merck's immuno-oncology drug Keytruda more than doubled in the first quarter of 2017, to $584 million. The drug competes with Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo. (Bloomberg)

2. The FDA approved AstraZeneca's immunotherapy Imfinzi,  to treat bladder cancer, its first approval for the drug. The drug will cost about $15,000 per month. (Reuters)

3. Eli Lilly said attorneys general in Washington and New Mexico are investigating the drugmaker's insulin pricing practices and also its ties with PBMs. (Modern Healthcare)

4. Lawmakers in Texas are pushing for legislation that would prohibit health insurers from  drug benefits when health plans are due for renewal each year. (Houston Chronicle)

5. Congress passed a deal to offer the National Institutes of Health $2 billion in funding over the next five months. The deal rejects President Trump's plan to slash $1.2 billion in NIH funding in 2017. (Stat)

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