Celebrex gains Bextra prescriptions as McKinnell discusses future of both drugs

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Pfizer has been the biggest beneficiary of the withdrawal of its pain reliever Bextra last month, with Celebrex grabbing roughly one-third of Bextra's prescriptions, according to Verispan data.
For the week ending May 6, Celebrex picked up 34 percent of Bextra's prescriptions with 228,898 total scripts.
New Celebrex prescriptions that week reached 92,674. The numbers indicate the drug's best showing in three months.
Mobic, jointly marketed by Boehringer Ingelheim and Abbott, captured around 26 percent of Bextra's prescriptions, the data showed.
Meanwhile, Pfizer is waiting to finish negotiations with the FDA over labeling for Celebrex before pushing regulators to return Bextra to the market, chief executive Hank McKinnell told reporters yesterday. "Once the dust settles a little bit here and we get through the Celebrex labeling, which is the more important issue, we will return to the FDA and start a discussion as to how the drug might be introduced with the appropriate patient safeguards in effect," McKinnell said during a briefing with reporters in Washington, D.C. yesterday to discuss his new book, "A Call To Action."
McKinnell did however suggest a risk management program to check for signs of a life-threatening skin reaction, which generally occurs in the first four weeks of treatment with Bextra, as a possible condition of the drug's return to market.
FDA spokeswoman Kathleen Quinn confirmed the FDA's discussions with Pfizer on Celebrex in an Internet report, but declined to comment on the specifics.


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