Novartis IT leader speaks on CRM success

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Approximately 44 percent of all CRM efforts are doomed to fail, while only about half of get any ROI within 18 months, said Novartis' head of oncology IT, Nic Oatridge, during a speaking presentation at the Pharmaceutical Marketing Congress on Sept. 14.
"What goes wrong is that CRM is becoming more expensive (in general) and more expensive to support," according to Oatridge.
Marketer solutions to problems with their CRM campaigns lie in a focus on customer- centric planning, a strategy that identifies strengths and weaknesses of the campaign and a project mission that is clearly stated, Oatridge explained.
How much should marketers invest in physician-focused CRM campaigns?
"If you are spending about $10,000 per user, you are doing well," he said.
He warned however, "There is no one-size-fits-all approach . . . You need a mix of skills at different times and at different levels."
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