Pfizer debuts DTC cholesterol ed. campaign

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The latest communications effort from Pfizer around high cholesterol is an unbranded DTC awareness campaign, with a national television spot linking to a Web site.
Called My Heart Health, the campaign takes aim at general audiences with an educational message about cardiovascular risk and the importance of treatment.
"Over 50% of people who are diagnosed with high cholesterol still are not being appropriately treated," said Michal Fishman, Pfizer spokeswoman. "There's still a real opportunity to help people understand what the risks of that cholesterol level is, including heart attack and stroke."
Unit 7 developed the campaign, on a project only basis. Pfizer has yet to choose a consumer agency of record, Fishman said.
The 60-second spot, running on network and cable TV, began last week and will appear for at least the next couple of months, she said.
The commercial lists a Web site,, where consumers can sign up for a free information kit with tips to help control risk factors for heart disease. Users can opt in just for the kit or to receive ongoing information about Pfizer products, services, and programs.
Pfizer has used the Lipitor franchise to debut other new ads. In November the firm introduced a Lipitor print ad that presented risk information in a straightforward, consumer-friendly format. Other branded newspaper ads have followed.

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