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6 campaigns that bring imaginative thinking to healthcare marketing


  • Ross Thomson, Greater Than One

    Let me open by sharing a premise I've stood by for many years. If you don't fire up your clients with enthusiasm, you'll be fired with enthusiasm. It's simple, really. Delight your clients every single day by bringing your most imaginative thinking to the communication challenge. Imagination should be pervasive in our world of healthcare marketing. However, all too often it kowtows to canned, formulaic hand-me-down ideas. Here are a few that buck the trend.

  • IKEA Pee Ad

    Pregnancy ad, IKEA

    This one's for the ladies. IKEA has a new take on pregnancy testing. You pee on the ad, which is impregnated with a chemical. Testing positive reveals an improved offer on this lovely cot. Net-net: If you're knocked up, the price gets knocked down.

  • The Rape Tax, National Organization for Victim Assistance

    When someone is sexually assaulted in the US, the victim is charged an average $ 1,000 for medical expenses. Rather than plump for the sensationalist ad-like object, the creatives simply let the raw, outrageous facts speak for themselves.

  • transport accident commission

    Transport Accident Commission, Victoria: Graham, Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

    Graham here could well pass for the tight head prop in an Aussie scrum. In fact, he's an interactive exhibit used to educate the general public on road safety. He represents how the motorist of the future will be built in order to survive an otherwise fatal accident. He succeeds where decades of TV ad did not.

  • Check Your Balls vmlyr

    Check Your Balls, VMLY&R

    One for the guys. A Swedish celebrity flashed his knack-sack on his Instagram page and instantly got the nation buzzing about testicular cancer. It's got balls, I'll give it that. Check it out. Then check 'em out.

  • Speed Donating, Havas Lynx

    Today, 16 patients across Europe will die waiting for a transplant because they failed to find their match on time. This skit on speed dating cranks through joke after joke before the end frame asks the audience to go to speeddonating.com. Go on. I dare you.

  • Prescribed to Death

    Prescribed to Death, National Safety Council

    Every year 22,000 people in the US die of opioid prescription overdose. To highlight the issue a high-precision tool was employed to finely carve out a face onto the exact same number of pills, which were then mounted on a simple black slab. A reverential statement on a heartbreaking epidemic.