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6 campaigns that use animals to capture our attention


  • Julien Jarreau, EVP, creative director, JPA Health

    It never fails. Every time my dog, Lucy, sees an animal on TV, she jumps up to the screen and begins barking. We humans are also drawn to animals, which makes them a valuable tool for creative marketing. It taps into multiple psychological perceptions, including cognitive, behavioral and emotional reactions. The raw emotion we feel toward animals can be used to grab the viewer’s attention and drive brand awareness.

  • Chantix Slow Turkey

    Chantix Slow Turkey, Y&R

    “Slow turkey” was a phrase created to change the smoking cessation market. With “cold turkey” ringing in back of our minds, this ad gives comfort that you don’t have to break your smoking habit all at once. This clever idea was brought to life by The Mill, the studio tasked with creating this brand ambassador.

  • Chemo Dinosaur

    Chemosaurus, Navicor

    Like its subject, this concept is fast and powerful. It instantly resonates. In this campaign, Celgene is reminding viewers that when it comes to treating lymphomas, standard chemotherapies may be dated. The word “chemotherapy” in the extinct animal’s body does the powerful heavy lifting well-suited for a T-Rex.

  • Chameleon

    Orenitram Chameleon, Calcium

    The chameleon is a distant relative of the dinosaur back in the Mesozoic Era, quickly adjusting to its surroundings for protection. Orenitram for pulmonary arterial hypertension has dosing flexibility that can be adjusted for each patient. The idea borrows the ever-changing chameleon to suggest that Orenitram will help patients better adapt to everyday activities such as walking to the mailbox or catching a train.

  • Allergan-MigraineBull

    My Chronic Migraine, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

    Migraines are a women’s health issue. In fact, women are three times more likely to suffer from migraines than men. This depiction of a fierce, raging bull juxtaposed by a woman confidently lifting the bull is a powerful reminder that you can take control of this debilitating disease.

  • Nexium

    Acid Beast, CDM NYC

    Did you notice the branded muzzle preventing this anthropomorphic animal from breathing the proverbial fire? This image works well with the word in the headline “tame”, a great way to talk about efficacy to consumers. I particularly love the defeated look on this monster’s face.

  • lunesta

    Lunesta Moth, Deutsch

    This iconic image woke up the sleep market seemingly overnight when it took out the leader Ambien from Sanofi over a decade ago. The use of colors, typography and this soothing brand image symbolizes renewal and regeneration.