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6 campaigns that use empathy to drive brand storytelling


  • Amy Fortunato, VP, creative director, The Bloc

    Empathy is playing an increasingly large role in how healthcare brands communicate. It’s not always easy to create authentic and compassionate work that demonstrates an understanding of a patient’s struggle — or content that doesn’t just communicate a brand’s values but also allows your audience to experience them. But when done right, it can be a very powerful way to connect people to ideas, shift attitudes and catalyze action. Here are a few examples of campaigns that do a great job of utilizing the power of empathy to create meaningful creative.

  • UnfinishedVotes

    Unfinished Votes, Change the Ref + McCann Health

    In this deeply personal campaign, McCann Health used AI technology to bring back Joaquin Oliver, a victim of the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting, to deliver the message to vote in the election and push for more sensible gun laws. The raw emotion comes through loud and clear. It’s almost hard to watch. And yet you can’t help but feel for his parents. You can’t help but want to join the fight that Joaquin was himself unable to continue.

  • ConstantTherapy

    OneWord, Constant Therapy Health + Area 23

    This print ad conveys the crushing desperation of trying to conjure the right word that is felt by patients with traumatic brain injuries. By thrusting us inside the head of a patient and allowing us to view the world from her perspective, the ad makes us realize empathy — the deeper connection that drives change.

  • Nobody is Normal, Childline + The Gate

    Aimed at addressing children’s mental health, this stop-motion ad powerfully depicts the pain of trying to fit in with what’s “normal.” Storytelling such as this, that creates a sense of shared experience, is what great creative is all about.

  • #Wombstories, Bodyform/Libresse + AMV BBDO

    While some feminine hygiene brands paint an inauthentic picture of women’s health, this brand film weaves live-action footage with striking animation to boldly capture the messy reality of it. I love how honestly and unapologetically the film shows the complex and often unspoken relationship that women have with their wombs. It’s a great example of connecting with customers on an emotional level to create empathy.

  • HardToSay

    Hard to Say, The Childhood Tumour Trust + Havas Lynx

    This work inspires action through a different approach. By showcasing the various ways neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) can be mispronounced, this campaign gets people talking about a condition that has been overlooked.

  • The Call

    The Call, EmpowHer New York + The Bloc

    Rather than simply communicating the data around unconscious bias in healthcare, this film forced viewers to witness it in this live experiment. The film engages your mind but, more than that, it opens up your heart. The result is creative with a greater impact.