4 Ways Dwindling Pharma Sales Detailing Will Affect the Cloud

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Photo credit: George Thomas/Creative Commons

John Chinnici, VP of Global Vault PromoMats, Veeva Systems

The real problem is “static” detailing, which takes months to change and conflicts with the speed at which science is evolving in today's era of precision medicine. Healthcare professionals want and expect tailored, ongoing communications based on real-time customer feedback, through the channels they prefer.

End-to-end, cloud-based content management applications are best suited to drive rich, dynamic content to market faster, across many channels, to meet the modern digital expectations of HCPs.  

To that end, content management systems will need to evolve to assemble, approve, and combine content building blocks — or modules — that can be uniquely combined to create continuously tailored messaging for HCPs. In addition, they will need to seamlessly manage both the distribution and withdrawal of these assets to detailing systems and do so much faster moving forward.

Milind Kamkolkar, partner, life sciences expert, PA Consulting

We will see a shift from siloed content orchestration to “experience-driven” content orchestration, with a need for more unstructured data types and behavioral analytics.

As a result, dynamic content approval processes may move to artificial intelligence with built-in compliance. Dashboards with evolved key performance indicators will tell a story rather than just provide metrics. As a whole, the focus will move from next best action to next best options with personalization as a key focus, while maintaining the balance between physical engagement and digital preferences.

Historical retention of changes to content will be required, particularly for European countries where regulations are strict regarding off-label and promotional activities. Moving forward, mobile first as a deployment capability will be the norm, with web-based delivery de-prioritized for detailing.

David Ormesher, CEO, Closerlook

Relevant and timely content is always a need-to-have, but getting it through a rep is a luxury most HCPs can't enjoy. The ideal replacement is a technology-based platform in which medical information is available on-demand, in an easily consumable format and through a multiplicity of channels and all focused in a highly personalized way for the HCP.

The challenge for pharma is to deliver this customer-centric service in a way that is scalable and efficient. As traditional detailing dwindles in its effectiveness, HCPs will be looking for substitutes and workarounds. To effectively step into this vacuum, pharma must take a fresh approach to content. It must be modular, segmented according to need, and developed on a cloud-based platform that allows it to be nimble and responsive.

Bruce Rooke, head of ideation, Fingerpaint

The cloud has incredible untapped potential, but when used solely as a repository of data, or a less expensive replacement for a stack of servers, its effectiveness is handcuffed by the conventional tactic. 

If you flip the paradigm however, and put the possibilities of the cloud first, you soon realize you can create 24/7, personally responsive brand relationships with customers that eliminate the access and white space issues that have hobbled the traditional detail. Cloud data can be immediately available and actionable, making your detail truly “closed-loop” (versus “closed off,” like most closed-loop marketing data). But that's just the start.

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