Naomi Fried

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Illustration credit: A.E. Kieren

Naomi Fried, former chief innovation officer, Boston Children's Hospital

Innovation in healthcare is more spoken about than seen, with speakers at healthcare conferences quick to point fingers at the silos impeding “true” progress and the leaders who fail to foster an innovative culture. And then there's Fried, who ranks among the handful of industry veterans who can point to a proven record of effecting actual change.

Indeed, Fried has dedicated her career to building innovation infrastructure for a range of industry players. She was the first chief innovation officer at Boston Children's Hospital, where she developed the institution's highly regarded innovation/acceleration program. There she fostered a culture of innovation around care delivery. Ultimately, her efforts led to the creation of a digital smart platform, which replaced the grease boards that tracked where patients were staying in the hospital. Fried also helped facilitate the creation of a digital passport that follows patients throughout their treatment journey at the hospital.

“It was about enabling clinicians to develop new ideas in how they take care of patients,” she says. “It focused on grassroots innovation and supporting innovators directly.”

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