Rob Royea

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Illustration credit: A.E. Kieren

Rob Royea, CEO and chairman, Cyrcadia Health

Unlike many of the wearables unleashed on the market to date, Cyrcadia Health's offering isn't a lifestyle play. Rather, its sensor-enabled iTBra continually screens breast tissue and sounds an alert if a data pattern emerges that correlates with cancer.

Prior to the arrival of the iTBra—an FDA thumbs-up is expected in the near future—the health-tech community hadn't paid much attention to breast cancer, at least not when compared to diabetes (think glucometers) and asthma/COPD (spirometers). Royea is happy to be among the few working toward a more real-time screening solution. At the same time, he believes his company's offering is part of a shift within the world of wearables.

“You think about how much is happening with them on the fitness side, but there's a great deal of falloff. People walk away after three months of use,” Royea explains. “I think what we're doing is part of a wave of change. We're moving from the fitness world to the wellness world.”

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