Sandra Elliott

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Illustration credit: A.E. Kieren

Sandra Elliott, VP, consumer technology and service development, Meridian Health

Like many transformation-minded execs, Elliott doesn't have anything approaching a “typical” day. But there's one mission that trails her, whether she's in the office or at an off-site klatch or preaching the Meridian Health gospel at industry get-togethers. “My days are filled with figuring out the best ways to fill in the information gaps between healthcare visits in a manner that enables us to better understand what is really going on in the lives of our patients,” she says. “It's all about creating a clearer line of sight into the patient's actual condition.”

No small mission, that. Nonetheless, it's one that Elliott embraces. The particular disruption she endeavors to create is one that shatters existing—and, some might say, ineffective—models of between-HCP-visits patient support. “We all want a silver bullet,” Elliott says. “But the reality is that innovative change is really more about all the small changes that can be integrated together to produce something better. That takes a lot of hard work.”

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