Sara Colantonio

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Illustration credit: A.E. Kieren

Sara Colantonio, Project coordinator, Semeoticons

The idea for the Wize smart mirror, which searches out signs of illness by digitally examining patients' faces, originated in Pisa, Italy, in 2012. Coordinator Sara Colantonio oversees a team of 10 that is working to complete a final prototype by mid-2016.

Sensors and multispectral cameras assess the user's facial skin and eyes to measure blood flow, oxygenation and subcutaneous fat. An add-on breathalyzer, the Wize Sniffer, detects blood-sugar levels, alcohol and tobacco. The mirror then correlates these findings to assess an individual's risk of cardio-metabolic disease through such factors as high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension. It also offers customized lifestyle advice (“go exercise today!”) to reduce risk and help the user develop and maintain healthy habits.

The first Wize Mirrors will be installed in gyms, pharmacies and care centers, but the plan is to make them common fixtures in the home. “We got the idea from the fact that we all spend at least a few minutes in front of a mirror each morning,” says Colantonio.

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