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Co-Pay Accumulator Programs: New Battle or Just Another Front in a Never-Ending War?

One of healthcare's biggest topics thus far in 2018 has been the rise of "co-pay accumulator" programs. But how they're perceived is largely in the eye of the beholder.

What's the diversity story in healthcare agencies?

This webcast will share numbers, powered by the inaugural MM&M/Publicis Health Diversity Survey, to offer a picture of the status of diversity and inclusion among a segment of healthcare agency respondents.

Emerging Trends Shaping the Future of Medical Education

In this webinar, we will offer insights into evolving trends in immersive and immediate medical education

Co-Pay Accumulators: Measuring the Impact on Patients and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

In this webcast, we examine this issue in detail and attempt to quantify the impact on affected stakeholders.

Defend Your Value: Syncing Evidence and Access Strategies to Prepare for US Value Assessments

The push for value-based care has fueled a rise in value assessment activity in the US that could resemble the environment across the rest of the world.

Are Pharma Services Vendors Becoming Digital Health Agencies?

Are we now at a point in which pharma services vendors are becoming de facto digital health agencies?

The Rules Have Changed: How Big Data is Redefining Precision Marketing for the Health Industry

Join Crossix and industry experts to learn how they develop their strategies to identify and leverage the most valuable data and analytics available.

Upping Your Game with Payers: Strategic Quality Conversations in a Value-Based Landscape

Join this Webinar to learn how to best approach health plans and organized providers on the topic of value based reimbursement and strategic quality performance.

A Window Into the Physicians' Perceptions of Drugs

How does your brand stack up against the competition?

Pull-through Breakthrough: Learn How to Construct an Impactful Pull-through Campaign for 2018

Join this Webinar to learn how to plan a more impactful pull-through campaign for 2018.

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