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The post-COVID office environment has changed irreversibly. With the large reshifting of work systems and staff priorities within the industry, companies have responded to what their employees seek out beyond career advancement.

These best-regarded companies show commitment to providing flexibility as well as a dedication to look after their employees’ well-being and professional growth.

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(Organizations with 1-50 North American staffers)


This agency’s focus on creating an environment where people matter earned CrowdPharm a spot on this year’s Best Places to Work list. “Outstanding” and “off the charts” were terms employees used to describe a workplace which “invests in bringing people together and keeping them engaged and happy.”

CrowdPharm received top rankings for collaboration, creativity and innovation and the agency got a perfect score for receptiveness to feedback. “There’s a genuine desire to include employees in the process and provide the information we need to feel invested in our personal/professional growth,” noted one staffer. Staffers value “leaders who listen, then move forward to implement positive change.”

Team members praised the agency’s “internal cross-departmental training that eliminates silos and builds bridges across divisions” and applauded access to senior level executives for mentorship opportunities. They also expressed appreciation for development tools that ensure “employee success and advancement within the organization.”

The firm’s Culture Club organizes team-building events that foster camaraderie. A pierogi-making fundraising Zoom class for Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid was one recent creative event employees called out as a particular favorite. Others noted a West Coast pub crawl that gathered “the team together in-person to catch up while learning about each other” as a team-bonding experience.

Generous benefits, the ability to work remotely, quarterly bonuses and unlimited vacation were all cited as assets at this company. Employees were grateful for “zero budget/personnel cuts throughout the pandemic.” In short, said one staffer: “CrowdPharm is incredibly responsive to all our HR needs.” 


A “one team, one dream” spirit informs the culture at EvolveMKD. Staffers describe their agency as a “collaborative and supportive environment where we all lean on each other.” One staffer called EvolveMKD a “no-/low-ego environment where every employee rolls up their sleeves and helps each other out.”

Employees work hard at EvolveMKD, but many report being fueled by the creative and collaborative environment as well as the opportunities to grow professionally at this agency. “EvolveMKD is always on top of everything they are doing. It is the most efficient and well-managed agency that keeps clients top of mind,” noted one staffer.

Team members cited access to robust training and career pathing programs customized to staff at all levels and senior managers that “go above and beyond to support team members both personally and professionally” as advantages of working at this agency. “Evolve is a great place to work because of its expansive learning opportunities and ability to grow, as well as its rewards and recognition,” one team member revealed.

This workplace prioritizes collaboration and team members described strong camaraderie here. Many were particularly impressed with quarterly days of service, which give colleagues an opportunity to bond while they volunteer for local community activities, taking “team-building to another level.” EvolveMKD “offers something for everyone. It’s an inclusive place to work that provides tremendous support for its employees,” said one staffer.

Schaefer Advertising

“Make Life Better” is Schaefer’s motto and is reinforced every day at an agency that “genuinely cares about its employees and is consistently looking for ways to put people first.” One team member explained that “it’s the way we approach relationships with clients, interactions with each other and advertising as a whole.” A culture that fosters creativity, innovation and collaboration and an attitude of kindness and care dominates at this firm.

From onboarding to training through its Schaefer U continuing education platform, Schaefer has a very deliberate employee development plan. Associates appreciate specific road maps for each role and clear growth paths to the next career level. Staffers say a 30/60/90-day track that outlines key performance expectations is a particularly useful tool for staying on target and they value access to management for mentorship opportunities. “Senior-level leadership and access to the leadership team is phenomenal,” noted one team member.

Employees raved about the new core values group project, which assigns teams a core value (e.g., collaboration, resilience) to highlight through training and events. “Core value teams and executions/activations have facilitated both inter-team collaboration and fun,” said one staffer.

The team was impressed by how their firm adapted to COVID-19 complications and appreciated an across-the-board pay increase during that difficult time. “We have come back stronger than ever and have surged ahead in numbers compared to pre-COVID times,” revealed one staffer. “In a post-pandemic world, I’m very thankful for how Schaefer has navigated that reality and continues to place priority on supporting its employees,” noted another.


(Organizations with 51-200 North American staffers)


A great team dynamic and transparent culture are characteristics that gained Calcium a spot on this year’s Best Places to Work list. Employees praised the agency’s “amazing culture and supportive senior level staff” and said they appreciate leadership’s energy and commitment to its people and its “always-looking-forward mentality.”

Staffers gave the firm high marks for communicating clearly and consistently to ensure its staff is always informed and up-to-date on issues affecting them and awarded Calcium the highest ratings for treating employees well. “Leadership truly cares about their employees,” said one team member. “Commitment, integrity and respect are our core values. We talk the talk and walk the walk.”

Team members describe the firm as a workplace where they “can effect change and do impactful work for important therapies.” “Every employee’s ideas and opinions are valued and weighted the same, regardless of age or level of seniority,” said one staffer. “This inspires employees to ideate and collaborate.”

Nourishing talent and growth are also priorities at this agency. The company’s enhanced CalU professional education program provides a wide array of development opportunities to ensure continued nourishment and growth for employees. Management also challenges employees to take on new responsibilities and gives them the support they need to flex their professional muscles. “There is momentum to always grow at the agency,” noted one staffer.

Elevate Healthcare Marketing

Teamwork is a hallmark of Elevate Healthcare Marketing. Team members described a workplace in which “everyone rolls up their sleeves, contributes to the solution and partners with each department and discipline seamlessly.” There’s no room for ego at this “fast moving, entrepreneurial” agency where “everyone regardless of level rallies behind each other to advance the work and build strong relationships with our clients.” The focus is on great work done in “the most efficient manner with equal parts quality, joy and humor.”

Staffers at Elevate have tremendous respect and admiration for their colleagues. Hard work feels fun when the workplace is populated with a “spirited bunch of smart and collaborative people whose mission is to solve client marketing challenges with highly creative, innovative solutions.”

Employees also praised Elevate’s leadership and the agency’s mission. “Visionary leadership and strong talent are all beating to the same drum to impact positive change and drive awareness around different disease states and products,” reported one staffer. “Elevate actively seeks to encourage collaboration between departments and promotes a healthy work-life balance while maintaining high standards of work,” said another.

Team members applauded the launch of the Cultivate training program, a new initiative aimed at ensuring Elevate’s culture remains strong and vibrant as the company grows and evolves. To make sure employees feel connected and appreciated, the firm leverages the Bonusly platform to share positive feedback and team accolades.

Spectrum Science

Career growth is a given at Spectrum Science. A chief learning officer on staff and a dedicated learning and development team are indications that Spectrum is serious about advancing the careers of its people. The company is deliberate about creating a structure for advancement and professional development and invested heavily in a career mapping process to help teams achieve their goals.

Team members said they value the firm’s Spectrum Medical School internal learning programs, cross- training on all agency functions and established career ladders. “Spectrum deeply cares about the growth of all its employees and provides numerous resources that allow employees to advance their careers,” noted one staffer. As it grows, “the agency is constantly evolving our development tools. We are staying on top of evolving needs,” added another staffer.

To clearly outline expectations for working together, Spectrum launched Team Norms last year. The firm also launched a new and improved intranet system over which information is shared. Staffers say the improvements help team members connect and share information more efficiently.

Despite a challenging economy, Spectrum acquired three additional agency partners and strengthened its global presence. Staffers were pleased with the resulting expanded teams and diversified client offerings. Team members appreciated above-average bonuses and flexibility in workplace hours and location. “We’ve grown tremendously in recent years, but we’ve maintained the chemistry that keeps us close. We remain independent, entrepreneurial, and fiercely supportive of each other,” revealed one staffer. Another noted: “With unprecedented growth, we have still maintained the entrepreneurial, inclusive and diverse collaborative culture that makes us special.”

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(Organizations with 201 or more North American staffers)


Evoke calls its people “matter makers,” and this people-first agency lets its employees know how important they are to operations. Employees feel inspired by a combination of visionary leadership and strong talent working together to “impact positive change and drive awareness around different disease states and products.” Team members report satisfaction at the ability to “work where you work best, while being empowered to do your best work.”

With a robust curriculum of courses, seminars and workshops, Evoke prioritizes internal agency training and education as well as individual initiatives. Offerings such as monthly Creative University and Pharma Academy educational programs and an emphasis on mentorship over management earned the company a reputation for nurturing professional development. “From DE&I workshops to scientific academies to interaction with directors and CEOs, there is a ton of support for development and advancement across the board,” raved one employee.

Evoke leverages a number of platforms to help employees bond, from Bonusly for sharing positive feedback and team accolades, to Miro for group vision-boarding. An increased focus on DE&I and mentorship has been met with enthusiasm from the Evoke team. In-office and virtual happy-hours, pop-up teams challenges, online cooking classes, social interest groups and wellness seminars all help increase employee engagement among a remote workforce.

A genuine appetite and encouragement for broad, cross-agency collaboration and teamwork across the organization plus a sincere concern for the mental health, well-being and work-life balance of its employees helped earn Evoke its place on the Best Places to Work roster.

Klick Health

Associates come to Klick for the opportunity to do great work. They stay because of the work and the team. “Klick continues to set itself apart and make efforts to be better than the rest,” said one staffer. “There’s something different here,” added another. Klicksters say “the company culture, the camaraderie, great working atmosphere, awesome talented people” all contribute to making the firm a Best Place to Work winner.

Team members overwhelmingly praised their colleagues, describing them as “engaged and enthusiastic.” “Klick has been my home for the last eight years and I hope to retire here. The people are incredible, smart and genuine,” noted one staffer. Another raved: “I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.”

Leadership prioritizes collaboration and staffers credit Together Days, once-weekly days the entire team comes into the office, and an IDX event, where new ideas are shared, as two examples of how bonding is fostered. Klick also celebrated its 25th anniversary with a “fabulous set of events at all locations” and a huge all-employee party in Toronto, occasions that staffers said helped forge connections with other colleagues.

Employees prize the work they do at this agency. “Klick is a special place where I have a lot of autonomy and support to do the best work of my career,” said one staffer. “Each day at Klick Health brings new opportunities to create meaningful moments for our teams, our clients and ultimately the patients,” noted another.

Wunderman Thompson Health

It’s all about the teamwork at Wunderman Thompson Health. “Great work takes teamwork. Here, it’s not about stepping all over each other to climb the ladder. It’s about getting to the top together,” said one staffer. Employees thrive in Wunderman’s “positive and productive” culture that allows them to “do good work for our clients while maintaining work-life balance.” “It feels like a real team in which everyone is in it together to create our best work,” said one staffer.

Strong HR programs, a focus on employee development opportunities, career pathing and constant self-reflection for ways to improve were cited as specific assets at Wunderman Thompson Health. The firm’s Thrive talent management program provides tools and resources for career growth and planning. Staffers called the program “a great way to receive guidance and feedback, not just to advance in the company, but to grow our careers.” Mentors help ensure career path development and opportunities.

Employees described a “highly collaborative workplace that encourages camaraderie both on-site and virtually.” The agency has developed a variety of platforms to help staffers bond, from scheduled agency-wide town hall events to “blind dates” that help co-workers who don’t regularly interact get to know each other and other areas of the business. Many team members mentioned the Kudos peer-to-peer recognition system “that makes employees feel valued.”



Doceree may be small, but its team members say the company’s commitment to its purpose is huge.  This “purposeful, innovative” company is united by one mission. Team members cited the “impressive people and culture practices for a small company” and gave Doceree the highest possible ratings on collaboration and up-to-date technology.

In a hybrid-work environment, the company creates opportunities for team members to bond. Weekly team happy-hour and dinner events, global town halls for cultural exchanges and Tuesday teaching sessions specific to sharing learning experience help drive camaraderie among team co-workers.

The firm fosters a culture of DE&I and conducts training sessions around DE&I to build awareness and has made DE&I training an integral part of its onboarding process. The firm has also formed discussion forums to share experiences and learnings around DE&I.

This firm also received high marks on transparency and accountability as well as for good governance and ethics and for treating employees well. “Employees are more productive, creative and provide better client service” at this agency said one staffer. “What’s more, employees are spreading positive impressions of their company and attracting star performers to their team.”

Phreesia Life Sciences

All team members are moving in the same direction at Phreesia. That’s quite an accomplishment at an organization that has scaled up rapidly during the last year. Employees reported a “sense of common purpose and openness,” “a shared culture and set of values” and a “can-do attitude” at this firm. “The company lives by its values and values its employees,” said one staffer.

“Despite the inevitable fast pace and dynamic environment associated with growing companies, Phreesia does an excellent job of making employees feel valued and empowered,” reported one employee. A mutual respect, sense of identity and admiration for hard work and outcomes makes Phreesia a Best Place to Work, said employees. 

The firm goes “above and beyond to ensure employees are connected with one another,” noted one staffer. Cross-functional projects allow co-workers to understand how they fit into the larger organization. Employees valued “great benefits across the board,” management that is “clear and supportive on how to advance your career” and “solid learning opportunities and excellent training.”

The firm added several new initiatives this year, including an employee recognition plan that awards points that can be redeemed for gifts once benchmarks are achieved. The firm also added a new system to promote charitable donations and volunteering and instituted a new hire mentorship and training program. “Phreesia just gets better with time, it continues to adapt and improve,” noted one staffer.


“Female led,” “family-oriented” and “fun” are words employees used to describe Verywell. Employees prized the firm’s promote-from-within mindset and investment in talent. “Verywell prioritizes internal promotions and sets employees up for success through guidance, training and support,” noted one team member. It’s a company that “does a great job of building a culture and having fun while getting the job done,” noted one employee.

Staffers said the organization excels at keeping people focused and motivated during times of uncertainty — and that held true during the pandemic. The firm earned the highest marks possible for communicating clearly and consistently to ensure its entire team is always informed and up-to-date on all issues affecting them.

Verywell received high marks from employees on vacation policy, health benefits and on having up-to-date tools for its workforce. Employees report feeling “empowered to make an impact” in an environment where teams are close knit and content is strong. “Verywell is an incredible growth company because of the culture, the passion, the leadership and entrepreneurial spirit,” noted one staffer.