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The Insider’s Guide to Building Powerful Connections with HCPs

Before you can determine the right marketing mix, every smart marketer needs to ask: how can I best fulfill the unmet needs of the HCP?

Make meaningful connections by starting with the audience-centric approach explored in this whitepaper.


Differentiating to Win in Medical Device Marketing

This whitepaper compiles survey results from over 9,000 healthcare professionals, analyzes the competitive environment, and discusses opportunities for differentiation and common unmet needs.


Understanding Payer Management Tactics by Therapeutic Market 

By understanding the aggressive manner in which payers will continue to manage medical and pharmacy benefits in each therapeutic category, brand marketers can identify risks as well as opportunities to maximize market share.


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The Digital Transformation Playbook for Life Sciences

When an organization undergoes a digital transformation, different departments must work together to execute on clear strategies in order to succeed.

In this way, a digital transformation is like a game of football — and here is your playbook.


Aligning Global Sales and Marketing Healthcare Teams

The benefits of focusing on alignment are stark — organizations with strong alignment deliver 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability.

Download this report to discover the pitfalls of misalignment in healthcare, key tenets for a successful alignment strategy, and how to build support for alignment within your organization.


How to Know When Your Marketing Department is Ready for Sales Enablement

Sales enablement comprises processes, practices, technologies, and tools that improve the performance and productivity of a sales organization. 

However, it not only benefits sales—it also allows marketing teams to create, distribute, and analyze content that is effective for reps and meaningful to prospects and customers in a time-sensitive, compliant manner.