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Digital Consumption & Select Practice Changes Amidst COVID-19

Every medical specialty has had to shift and adopt new procedures in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. How have those changes affected clinical practice, and what do you as a pharmaceutical marketer need to know in order to continue to support niche prescribing? In this whitepaper, Epocrates studies the impact of the pandemic on three specialties. Read on to see how practice guidelines, new paradigms, and behavioral data can provide a better understanding of distinct healthcare landscapes to help communicate evolving therapeutic goals.


From Knowledge to Action: A Case Study on the Impact of Patient Education

Learn how PlatformQ Health, in partnership with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, had an impact on patient care through interactive digital education. Proof that pairing the right platform, partners and content from trustworthy sources yields better outcomes.   


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How to Build a Consistent, Ongoing Video Engagement Strategy

The COVID-19 outbreak has called for an abrupt shift to digital solutions for just about everything. Learn how to gain a competitive edge by building an engagement strategy that cannot be disrupted when in-person is off the table.  


Beyond Marketing: Life Sciences

Discover how you can stop pursuing transactional and episodic interventions driven by short-term marketing plans and instead facilitate integrated patient and physician engagement with a continuous, informed and humanistic approach.


Impact of Rx Price Transparency on Medication Adherence

This report details new findings and common scenarios that can help providers improve adherence to prescription therapy with patient-specific cash and benefit pricing information within their electronic health record.