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Impact of inaccurate data on sales

A life sciences company evaluated the quality of their provider data and strength of their affiliations.

What they learned was eye-opening and prompted them to make significant changes in how they gather and use data in commercial efforts. Explore their findings in this case study and download today.


Prescribers’ focus on patient out of pocket drug cost

It’s no surprise that patients look for ways to reduce their out of pocket drug costs. But what about prescribers?

ConnectiveRx recently conducted a survey of over 600 prescribers to assess the sensitivity of prescribers to patient medication cost. Download the full report for key recommendations.


How consumers manage their health

Consumers today are actively involved in their treatment plans.

To understand more about this relationship and consumer behaviors toward managing their health, Epsilon surveyed actual consumers, and turned those findings into actionable advice for healthcare marketers.


medical people

Understanding payer management tactics by therapeutic market

By understanding the aggressive manner in which payers will continue to manage medical and pharmacy benefits in each therapeutic category, brand marketers can identify risks as well as opportunities to maximize market share.


Aligning Global Sales and Marketing Healthcare Teams

Consumers today are actively involved in their treatment plans.

The benefits of focusing on alignment are stark — organizations with strong alignment deliver 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability.

Download this report to discover the pitfalls of misalignment in healthcare, key tenets for a successful alignment strategy, and how to build support for alignment within your organization.


Pharma Website Digital Maturity, Data & Analytics

As an outgrowth of their expertise in digital analytics for the medical/pharma field, Indigene scrutinized the top 30 pharma product websites to understand the web maturity landscape.

Learn what these leaders are doing right—and where they are missing the mark—with the in-depth findings presented in this ebook on digital maturity.