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MM+M Editorial Staff

Larry Dobrow
Executive Editor
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Marc Iskowitz
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Lecia Bushak
Senior Reporter 
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Jack O’Brien
Digital Editor
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MM+M Podcasts

Bill Fitzpatrick
Senior Producer, Podcasts
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MM+M Advertising

Molly Sawyer
Director of Sales
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Mark Siebel
Senior Account Executive
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Tracie Palmer
Senior Director, Business Media Marketing and Audience
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Chaeli Marinelli
Lead Generation Marketing Manager
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Haymarket Content Hub

Kevin Zitzman
Project Manager
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Sean Ayling
Senior Art Director
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Lisa Gill
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David Lee
Graphic Designer
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Gordon Faylor
Digital Editor
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Byron Kittle
Digital Editor
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Haymarket Studio

Kara Giannecchini
Senior Director
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Zakaila Cimone
Senior Producer
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Haymarket Media, Inc.

Lee Maniscalco
Chief Executive Officer
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Denise Robbins
VP, Digital Publishing and Media
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Louise Boyle
Director of Production
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Farrah Aponte
Production Manager
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