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MM+M editors Marc Iskowitz and Larry Dobrow interview people of note in and around the healthcare marketing world, and chat about news impacting the sector. New episodes to be released every Wednesday.

The MM+M Podcast 7.28.21: Bob Mauriello

Lisa Stockman-Mauriello’s husband Bob Mauriello talks with MM+M’s Marc Iskowitz a week after Lisa received her first dose of an experimental ALS drug that may alter the course of her disease.

The MM+M Podcast 7.22.21: APCO’s Wayne Pines

The unprecedented nature of the FDA’s approval of Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm has led to more negative publicity than perhaps any other new medication. Wayne Pines, former FDA official and now president of healthcare at APCO, joins Marc Iskowitz to discuss the implications for the agency’s role in advising pharma companies.

The MM+M Podcast 7.8.21: Otsuka’s Elaine Gamble

As the short list goes live for this year’s MM+M Awards, Otsuka’s Elaine Gamble, chair of judges, debriefs with MM+M’s Marc Iskowitz about her impressions of working with some of the 80-member jury during last month’s virtual judging, as well as general trends she noticed in the entries.

The MM+M Podcast 6.24.21: ZS’s Jacob Braude

As COVID-19 vaccination slows in this country, a study finds behavioral nudges may be able to encourage the hesitant to get shots. Jacob Braude, from ZS’s applied behavioral science unit, explains the findings and their commercial applications.