These 12 companies stand out for their commitments to enriching the professional lives of their employees through effective teamwork, inspiring leadership and career growth opportunities.

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(Organizations with 1-50 North American staffers)


A positive culture is CrowdPharm’s defining characteristic. “Everyone seems euphoric about working there and seems sad when they have to leave at the end of the day,” noted one judge. This firm takes maintaining a positive culture for its virtual workforce seriously. Team members remarked feeling privileged to work together for “wonderful clients on challenging projects,” but stressed that they are encouraged to “make time for fun through team-building events and celebrations that lighten the mood.” Meaningful relationships with colleagues they respect and genuinely like enable staffers to celebrate each other’s wins, provide support when necessary and act as one team.

Employees also feel valued by their agency. Staffers at all levels “have the ability to voice their opinion and effect change,” noted one team member. They also appreciate CrowdPharm’s commitment to maintaining a healthy work/life balance. “We embrace flexible remote work arrangements, enabling our people to work where they are both comfortable and productive. This flexibility is especially beneficial for those with family obligations, as it provides the freedom to balance personal and professional life,” said one staffer.

Generous compensation, quarterly bonuses for performance and perks that include unlimited PTO, Flex Fridays (two Fridays off per month) and comprehensive insurance options keep employees happy.

CrowdPharm was purchased by Spectrum Science in November 2023.

Hale Advisors

Exciting work, a collaborative environment, strong leadership and bountiful growth opportunities are characteristics that landed Hale Advisors as a Best Place to Work this year. One judge noted that “people are uniformly engaged” at an agency where team members described their colleagues as a small and tight-knit group of professionals that support each other professionally in an environment where good teamwork, real relationships and honest conversations are highly valued.

Staffers praised the firm’s “killer client roster” and said they appreciate the tools and structure management provides to help them stay productive and organized. They also value opportunities to grow professionally through the work and connections the agency provides. A biannual company retreat offers “a fantastic opportunity to discuss how to improve as a group and individuals while bonding and becoming a stronger team.”

Employees claim that recent economic trends haven’t impacted their workplace or compensation. “Given inflation, tightened credit, slowing GDP growth and uncertainty about the recession, Hale continues managing expenses, focusing on client satisfaction and investing in business development,” noted one staffer.

The firm also invests in its staff with a flexible work policy and robust benefits, including fully paid medical and dental, quarterly bonuses and profit sharing, and manifold professional growth opportunities.


It’s all about the culture at HashtagHealth. Judges were impressed that the agency puts a premium on culture and transparency — a mandate staffers said starts at the top.

“Employees operate as a team and are extremely passionate about the work we do to help people affected by various diseases,” noted one team member. “This encourages a great deal of camaraderie in working together to achieve a common goal.”

Despite a totally remote work environment, HashtagHealth works hard to build team cohesiveness. “We make it a priority to connect with each other remotely through daily meetings with different team members and brainstorming sessions for new projects and creative ideas,” added one professional. One judge commended the firm for finding ways to continually support its remote workforce with new face-to-face connections without disrupting its business model. The company brought everyone together last year for a team-building day and routine team-building meetups help cement co-worker connections.

HashtagHealth has developed a reputation for respecting work/life balance and unwavering support of professional development. One staffer revealed that the part of the review process includes identifying professional goals and formulating a plan to help drive in that direction. It’s part of leadership’s drive to keep the organization — and its people — evolving and growing.


Stellar professional development opportunities are a hallmark of this agency, part of the IPG Health network. Humancare’s proprietary Talentspace system ensures that every employee sets goals and objectives aligned with tangible development plans, and the agency offers an extensive array of learning programs to help staffers achieve their goals.

Employees can tap into a cross-agency mentor program to grow within their discipline or expand in another direction. The Better Up personalized coaching program received shoutouts for offering mid- and senior-level employees tailored one-on-one training on a broad range of managerial skills. Professionals also appreciate the agency’s SEALx program, targeted to developing mid-level talent to become “the agency leaders of tomorrow.”

A shared mission “to improve the world of health through innovation and accountability” and an “environment where collaboration and open communication flourish” are key motivators at this agency. “We’re a very agile, flexible and nimble bunch that adapt to the situation at hand,” noted one professional. A “family vibe where everyone pulls for everyone else,” helps make Humancare a place employees want to work.

“Hyper-focused on ensuring its employees are well-taken care of and feel secure,” Humancare is an agency that truly puts “human” at the center of everything it does, said satisfied staffers.


(Organizations with 51-200 North American staffers)


Team members universally praised their leadership at this agency and said the focus on cultivating a humane workplace is a top-down mandate at ClinicalMind. “The leadership at ClinicalMind fosters an environment of empowerment, allowing us to feel valued and motivated to succeed,” noted one staffer. Another described management as “transparent, approachable and rooting for their employees to succeed.” Several professionals reported direct coaching and mentoring from management to help them bridge knowledge gaps or skill up when necessary.

ClinicalMind gives its employees the encouragement and the tools they need for professional growth. Staffers appreciate clear communication on the expectations for their current roles and transparency on what’s needed to move up the ladder. Career paths are personalized. “We all have a chance to develop in the direction we want to and to the degree we want,” declared one staffer. Team members praised the agency’s new CM Brand Camp, a one-and-a-half-day, in-person training where teams/departments collaborated and shared best practices.

ClinicalMind’s open communication and accessible leadership won over the judges. One judge was wowed by this employee comment: “I have never worked at a company where my happiness, mental health and work satisfaction were taken as seriously as the needs of the client.”


ConcentricLife’s strong emphasis on employee development fosters a culture of continuous growth at this agency. Goal-setting and tracking systems encourage both upward and lateral movement opportunities for staffers. Employees appreciate the chance to move laterally and “try new things.” One described “the chance to switch departments to try a role that better fits my goals and skill sets — always with the support and encouragement of senior leadership.” Mentorships, lunch-and-learns and programs for extended education are all readily available. Employees gave a shout-out to the firm’s speaker series, which features industry leaders and change makers from around the world.

A collegial, collaborative environment is also a key feature of this agency. Cross-functional team relationships contribute to a strong creative, respectful environment. The firm’s DE&I program helps build a safe space for employees to be themselves while being better teammates, and employees noted that women hold half of the executive and senior leadership positions. Employee Resource Groups help build supportive workplace communities and empathy and allyship are prized at the agency. “Our team is respectful, hard-working and loves to push the limits of creativity. Excellent camaraderieand a “people first” environment “inspires us to give our best every day,” said one staff member.


Neon was described by numerous employees as a fun agency with a great culture. “Neon nurtures a work environment that fosters creativity and innovation while fiercely protecting the physical, mental and emotional well-being of its employees,” declared one staffer. The firm has a reputation for giving its people “the freedom to collaborate and think outside the box to create outstanding work and deliver excellence for each other and our clients.”

Staffers love the “no-ego spirit” and “all-hands-on-deck” approach at this agency and said an “awesome, friendly, welcoming mindset flows through all aspects of the company.” “Even though we work incredibly hard to produce groundbreaking work we have fun doing it,” reported one team member. The strong camaraderie at Neon contributes to the firm’s high retention rate.

Senior executives allow teams to lead and drive projects forward but are always available for support. Neon provides ample training opportunities from basic skill polishing to advanced managerial training, and employees have the flexibility to determine their own career paths, whether cross-training into another role or choosing a more individual contributor role. “Neon empowers their employees,” noted one judge.

Great compensation, great people, great pay and flexible and understanding leadership — employees said Neon has it all.


A small growing agency backed by the power of a large network, YuzuYello has big ideas and big goals. Employees are proud to work for an agency dedicated to making life easier for patients facing difficult health challenges and described their workplace as a “supportive, vibrant environment that produces amazing work.” “It’s great to be part of a mission-driven organization with a positive atmosphere,” said one staffer.

Team members described a workplace where “openness and inclusivity encourage collaboration and foster innovation.” That “passion and inclusiveness” made a big impression on the judges.

Clear opportunities for professional development and cross-training abound at this firm where “everyone has a chance to succeed and get to the next level because our leadership believes in us and sees our strengths and opportunities,” said one professional.

The organization offers many resources for training and leadership and affords employees plenty of opportunity for growth and professional development. The firm’s Proactive Career Management program encourages employees to think about long-term career goals and exposure to IPG Health Network’s broad spectrum of agencies, specialty shops and departments offers many career paths. “There are countless opportunities to reach your fullest potential and support every step of the way,” raved one employee.


(Organizations with 201 or more North American staffers)

Evoke Group

Employee growth and development is critical to Evoke’s culture. Judges took note that the firm works hard to ensure all employees are on a clear path to advancement. “Evoke believes that investing in employees’ growth not only enhances careers but bolsters our capabilities, driving innovation and excellence,” said one team member. “This commitment is particularly crucial in delivering the best for our clients.”

Staffers said the company has expanded education offerings across the network through virtual training portals, live sessions from medical teams, lifestyle coaches to help people manage challenges and mentorship programs for one-to-one connections. Employee development is grounded in clear competencies and core values ensuring the right team members are in roles to be challenged and succeed.

Personalized career development is a priority at Evoke. “My organization took my feedback to heart during an annual performance review and worked to reshape my role to provide opportunity for me to grow in new areas,” said one staffer. Weekly manager check-ins and quarterly reviews allow staff to get real-time feedback and continually adjust plans for achieving career goals quarterly. Staffers appreciate clear communication of job expectations and said requirements to reach the next level are always transparent.


It’s all about the people at this fast-growing firm. Judges were impressed with the sense of belonging and respect employees reported at Lockwood and cited those qualities as reasons the agency has maintained a high employee retention rate during a period of rapid growth. “It’s not easy to go from 1 to 400-plus employees without experiencing some bumps in the road, but the executive level is committed to keeping that road smooth as we continue to flourish,” noted one employee.

Management is proactive in recognizing and addressing issues resulting from expansion and is committed to including all team members in discussions on how to embrace and maintain its strong company culture.

Teams remain firm in their support of each other and celebrate colleagues’ successes.

Lockwood employees respect the firm’s willingness to address issues head on. For a team experiencing interpersonal challenges, the agency introduced a series of reset meetings focused on listening, exploring accountability and finding ways to improve communication and trust to create a more collaborative and positive environment.

Teams feel supported from the top down and said the company gives them the tools they need to advance their careers. Lockwood recently invested in a world-class learning and management system to make it easier for employees to learn.

Real Chemistry

This patient-centric agency has earned a reputation for providing great work to their clients and partners as well as an enviable work environment for its staff. “We are a competitive, top company in this space — in the offerings we have for clients, how we treat employees and the growth opportunities that are offered,” reported one team member.

Staffers say the firm continues to evolve and grow, adapting to what is happening in the world for the benefit of its people and clients. That makes for a premier client roster and a creative work environment. “We’re committed to innovation and finding new ways to break through and engage key audiences,” said one professional. “I feel challenged every day (in a good way) and an essential ingredient to Real Chemistry.” Staffers admire the agency’s interest in the AI space and said Real Chemistry is “working hard to get employees comfortable and confident in using AI to foster efficiencies in everyday work.”

While employees report that the “excitement and interest in the work is palpable,” they admitted that it’s the people that really make Real Chemistry shine. “We know our work is bigger than us and we push ourselves to deliver and innovate,” noted one staffer. “I’m energized to work alongside and collaborate with my smart, dynamic colleagues.”

SSCG Media Group

People are the core of SSCG Media Group. One judge was wowed by how CEO Debbie Renner’s motto, “building human connections,” is embedded into the fabric of this company. Employees say that focus is evident in the work the firm produces. Despite tremendous growth, staffers say the culture at this agency remains close-knit and collaborative. They describe a nurturing environment in which they are encouraged and feel supported to stretch their skill sets and to take risks. “SSCG empowers everyone to want to do their best not only for their clients but for themselves,” said one team member. The approach leads to high retention and boomerang employees.

Upper management does frequent check-ins at all levels to ensure that team members are satisfied with their roles and the firm overall. Toxic behavior is never tolerated here, noted one staffer. “We are constantly working to improve and receive feedback and are always open to being better and growing as a company,” added another team member.

The professionals at SSCG Media Group appreciate having access to the latest technology and proprietary programs and the opportunity to work with colleagues who are “smart, strategic and agile.” Team-building events, which include quarterly Brews that encourage

everyone to meet with at least three new people, help keep the workforce across its five offices connected.

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