MM&M is now accepting orders for the Best Places to Work Premium Edition. Designed to delve deeper than the public write-ups of the best places to work, the Premium Edition uncovers the critical markers of the best workplaces in healthcare marketing, powered by the data which employees shared as part of our industrywide survey.

The premium report shares which components employees felt mattered most to a building an award-winning culture:

  • Diversity/inclusion
  • Vacation/personal time
  • Family/medical plans
  • Office hours/flex time
  • Employee learning/mentorship

Businesses that order the Premium Edition get the complete data set for their agency, encompassing more than 60 variables, along with that of all other survey entrants (data anonymized; available to non-participants, as well). A comprehensive analysis offers additional retention and recruitment insights, including survey averages of the most critical markers of award-winning workplaces, comments from talent managers and HR directors at leading healthcare agencies, and a glimpse at which perks are currently most popular with staff.