Knix has a new brand ambassador, a new tagline and a new product line. The ground-breaking Canadian intimate apparel brand known for its efforts to destigmatize menstruation, recently debuted its partnership with actress Gabrielle Union in the “Knix for Life” campaign. The phrase also doubles as a new tagline to highlight the brand’s mission to provide products for every age and at every stage of life. 

Bolstering the campaign, Knix followed up with the release of the new “Sexy Mesh Capsule collection,” as worn by Union on the brand site.

Union is the first global brand ambassador that Knix has partnered with since its $400 million acquisition by Swedish hygiene and health company Essity in 2022. She first worked with the brand when she contributed her personal experiences and images to Knix’s Life After Birth, a photo project documenting the postpartum experience, which was published as a book in 2021.

In the “Knix for Life” video spot, Union is seen stretched out on a leather daybed in Knix undergarments, edited amongst footage of her and other women smiling on set, as well as close up shots of stretch marks, scars, tattoos, a pregnant belly, limbs in motion, and underwear stained by period blood—all while Union narrates. 

“Everything I’ve done, everything I’ve been outspoken about, this body has done it all with me. What if there was a brand that was made for our bodies? Because every body has a story. They evolve, change, they sweat, they bleed, they leak. That’s why I wear Knix, for every stage, for every age, for every part of us,” she says. “Knix for life.”  

In release, the brand describes Union as the perfect brand ambassador because of her commitment to authenticity without compromise. In an interview with the brand on the Knix blog The Lift, she discusses the power of shared knowledge about women’s bodies, and her defiance of ageist stereotypes—at 51, she has no reservations about baring skin, in her personal life or in the shots for the brand. 

“I’m proud to be working with a brand like Knix,” said Union in a release. “Their mission to inspire people to live unapologetically free, at any age and any stage is what resonated with me most. Because when I stopped caring about what everyone else thought, and leaned into what I thought—that’s when I felt empowered and free.”

“I created Knix because I was tired of brands limiting women to one narrow image. We’re more than just sexy or sporty; we’re multifaceted,” added Knix founder and president Joanna Griffiths. “Gabrielle is the quintessential modern woman proving that we exist outside of a singular definition. Knix for life is about defying stereotypes no matter the stage or age you are in. I’m proud to support her and all women with products that match our dynamic lifestyle.”

This story first appeared on Campaign Canada.