Singapore-based Finix, a gender fluid athleisure label, has launched a campaign to carry on the conversation from Pride month in June.  

The campaign, entitled ‘Freedom is…’ debuted on July 14, and aims to provoke introspection and promote self-acceptance through sharing stories of triumph over life obstacles. It features a series of video testimonials from four individuals who have faced and conquered personal struggles: Samuel Loh, Lewis Loh (also known as Lewloh), Kelly Kimberly Cheong, and Leonard Cheong.  

Addressing nuanced social topics like gender, sexuality, identity, and body image, the individuals share the experiences that have shape their sense of self and belonging in society. 

“At Finix, we believe that every individual’s life experience, with all its highs and lows, shapes who they are as a person. No experience is more or less valid than the other,” said Leonard Cheong, founder and creative director of Finix.  

“Through the stories of these individuals, we hope to offer relief and a sense of community to those going through similar experiences. Above all, we hope to pave the way towards greater healing and self-acceptance, while forging a path towards a more open-minded, diverse and inclusive society.” 

The first two episodes of the ‘Freedom is…’ campaign are now available for viewing on Finix’s website and social media channels. Episode four will be released this week.

Viewers are invited to participate in the initiative by submitting their own stories of freedom, which will be shared across social media. 

This story first appeared on Campaign Asia-Pacific.