It’s safe to assume that on a holiday intended to celebrate love, a lot of love gets made. 

As a way to recognize that this is the first Valentine’s Day since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and the national right to an abortion, global nonprofit World Vasectomy Day teamed up with independent agency Tombras on a campaign that redefines an act of true love as one that shares responsibilit

Cards to Nards urges everyone, including men, to consider their role in birth control, since those who can get pregnant are also often solely the ones burdened with it. The campaign allows people to send limited-edition, Valentine-style greeting cards, available both digitally and physically, to people with testicles to help them learn about vasectomies and their role in preventing unplanned pregnancies. 

Cards are written like love poems with cheeky rhymes but clear conviction. 

The campaign includes a video PSA starring comedian and actress Ilana Glazer, an abortion rights and reproductive health activist. Set with a 1970s-era tone that evokes old-school pornography, Glazer reads from the cards and shares the context behind the campaign with a present-day acknowledgment of why Cards for Nards exists at all.

The poems may be funny, but the message is serious.

“I know several people who’ve gotten vasectomies, but I don’t hear it being talked about very much! So I was glad to help WVD spread the message of considering a post-Roe vasectomy as a way to play a role in birth control,” Glazer said in a statement provided by Tombras.

In addition to the greeting cards, the campaign includes custom-made upside-down heart lollipops, inspired by a certain body part, that say “Unwanted Pregnancy Sucks.” There are also a series of wild out-of-home postings around New York City. 

On social, the campaign will play out on WVD’s channels with the hashtag #CardstoNards.

The Cards for Nards website will continue to exist past Valentine’s Day as WVD plans to introduce more culturally relevant cards for other holidays, such as Earth Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

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