Analysts agree that Teva is casting a healthy financial shadow. President and CEO Erez Vigodman called 2015 “an exceptional strategic, operational, and financial performance,” even as the company’s generics segment saw declining sales of cholesterol controller Lovaza, oncology med Xeloda, and Crohn’s disease drug Pulmicort. In Teva’s branded segment, MS drug Copaxone met its first generic competition, while Axilect for Parkinson’s dealt with diminished sales. Teva is intent on bolstering its specialty pipeline, as evidenced by upcoming launches for SD-809 for Huntington’s disease and reslizumab in asthma. Its pipeline is expected to produce a healthy crop of submissions, including TV 46763 for pain and SD-809 for tardive dyskinesia, an asset acquired in Teva’s acquisition of Auspex. Excitement over its $40.5 billion takeover of Allergan’s generics unit has dulled a bit as the company contends with an unforeseen delay in the U.S. After the E.U. Commission signed on the dotted line, the FDA has taken its time reviewing the mash-up’s many angles.