Dr. Amy Baxter

founder and CEO

MMJ Labs

Dr. Amy Baxter is a physician, yes. But she’s also a true champion of pain management, not to mention a researcher, engineer, writer, CEO, and mom. 

Dr. Baxter founded MMJ Labs in 2006 while practicing and teaching emergency pediatric medicine. Spurred by her son’s “bad needle experience,” she went on to develop a groundbreaking (and patented) pain-management therapy, deploying a combination of cooling and vibration to dramatically reduce and even eliminate pain. 

Her two products — Buzzy Needle Pain Relief and VibraCool Massaging Ice Therapy — have opened the door to a better delivery of care in numerous scenarios, among them vaccine administration, cosmetic injections, dentistry, and back and neck massage therapy. 

Dr. Baxter has received wide-spread acclaim for her work, including recognition as a Forbes Healthcare Technology Disruptor to Watch, one of MDDI’s Top 10 Innovative and Disruptive Women in Healthcare, Georgia’s Biotech­nology Industry Organization’s most innovative CEO and an “Idea Person” by The Wall Street Journal

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