Grant Groves
global customer innovation lab, U.S. lead at Boehringer Ingelheim

Many health tech devotees find their way into the field almost accidentally. Groves seemed to realize early on that he’d be a good fit for the business: He received a Ph.D. in specialization in entrepreneurship and innovation from France’s International School of Management, where his concentration was “Developing a digital communication strategy for the pharmaceutical industry.”

Since arriving at Boehringer Ingelheim, Groves has focused on identifying health tech opportunities and leading initiatives designed to take advantage of them. A recent project under his purview saw the company attempt to leverage geo-clustered mobile brand information, tapping data from Aptus Health and its partners to colocate asthma patients, HCPs, and pharmacists and deliver relevant messaging.
Groves also worked on a program to drive brand-specific application of clinical commentaries within digital HCP communities. The goal was to encourage collaboration among non-small cell lung cancer specialists and, in so doing, generate better insights about their attitudes, behaviors, and motivations.