Kishore Kumar
head of oncology innovation and integration at AstraZeneca

Anytime company reps share an executive’s nickname, it’s a safe bet it’s less an actual one than one they’re hoping will catch on among outside audiences. The rare exception? Kumar, whose “Data Whisperer” tag was earned long before most of the industry boarded the big data bandwagon.

After losing somebody close to him to cancer, Kumar joined AstraZeneca with what his bio says was a “renewed vengeance” to fight the disease using data analysis. His most recent strike is the Hummingbird AI platform, designed to help customer-facing teams provide relevant, HIPAA-compliant clinical data to physicians at specific points during the treatment process. The idea is to personalize cancer treatment to help doctors “make an informed treatment decision for the patients they see, not the general patient population,” as AstraZeneca puts it.
Previously, Kumar worked in commercial analytics at Sanofi Aventis and headed the life sciences arm of consultancy Skill Sphere Technologies.