Laurie Myers
global health literacy director at Merck

While several large and mid-sized pharma companies devote in-house resources to health literacy, few have formalized the function in the manner Merck has – and even fewer have had the good sense to entrust it to a well-regarded company and industry veteran such as Myers. In her role, she serves both as an advocate for patients with low health literacy and the voice of reason when it comes to making communication about medicines readily interpretable by all patients.

Myers leads the push for health literacy outside Merck’s walls as well. She’s an in-demand speaker at healthcare klatches and participates in most discussions of consequence about revising industry standards. 
Prior to her current role, Myers held a range of jobs at Merck. She started as a market research analyst before transitioning into marcomms, then spent four years as a customer manager for pharmacy and senior health.