Libbe Englander

founder and CEO


Libbe Englander has dedicated the past few years to figuring out how to integrate artificial intelligence into real-world data sources to evaluate drug and device safety — and therefore improve patient outcomes. 

Such regulatory actions as recalls have traditionally been based on retrospective analyses and investigations. But Pharm3r’s one-of-a-kind postmarked surveillance system creates the possibility of finding safety signals to address concerns months — even years — ahead of existing methods. The potential effects are improvements to speed, efficiency, and outcomes measures in quality assurance, risk assessment, patient care, and insurance underwriting.

As well as assisting with multiple distinct objectives, the AI algorithms also aggregate information into a central repository, cleaning and organizing data sources. They simultaneously allow users to constantly assess a product’s effect using real-time data and analyses.

Before founding Pharm3r in 2011 (she is currently CEO), Englander, who holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology, ran a successful healthcare hedge fund. 

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