Molly McCarthy
national director, U.S. provider market and chief nursing officer at Microsoft

With close to 50 health panels – and several more unofficial ones – on the agenda at this year’s South by Southwest, it was unlikely that any one presentation would capture attendees’ imagination. That said, a very informal survey of health execs pointed to “EntrepreNURSE: Hacking, making, and disrupting health” as one of the health track’s highlights.

In large part, that was due to McCarthy’s presence on the panel. She moved easily between sharing personal anecdotes – she began her career as a pediatric and NICU nurse – and common-sensical, tech-driven solutions to problems that continue to plague American healthcare.
In her role at Microsoft, McCarthy is charged with leading a range of strategy and development initiatives for the company’s U.S. health industry team. She has contributed to a range of health tech efforts, including ones involving analytics, patient engagement, and care coordination. She serves on the Nurse Executive Leadership Task Force of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and was recently appointed to the board of directors for the National Institute of Nursing Research.