Sanjeev Saxena
CEO of POC Medical Systems

Those looking for undercovered pockets of health tech innovation would be wise to train their eyes on the sometimes overlooked diagnostic and device spaces. Saxena’s company, POC Medical Systems, has a foot in both of those worlds: Its portable, so-called “lab in a box” MammoAlert screen for breast cancer is a fine example of innovation that addresses a specific need – in this case, to provide lower-cost disease screening for individuals in remote locations around the world.

If the tech proves as successful as POC expects, it could create a new paradigm for medical treatment. It’s very much in line with Saxena’s vision, which he describes as “distributed but connected point-of-care” screening.
Saxena isn’t new to the worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship. He has won a European Science award and his life and work were chronicled in a 30-minute documentary on Zee TV in India.