Thacher Hussain
front end developer at WiserCare

Hussain approaches health tech differently than most others in the field. Yes, she’s a software developer – for WiserCare, whose online platform provides patients and doctors with information to better select proper treatment paths – but she’s also a patient and patient advocate. A type 1 diabetic, Hussain has endeavored to help her fellow patients live strong, independent lives that aren’t defined by an illness.

Recently, Hussain was named one of WeGo Health’s 2018 advisory board members. The role is a prestigious one: Each year, the organization selects eight individuals to help shape its work by coming up with new and patient-friendly ways to reach influencer marketers and ensure patients voices are heard early and often.
Prior to her tenure with WiserCare, Hussain served as an independent consultant for a range of companies in and around health tech. In those roles, she offered advice on strategy as well as tech deployment.