1. The FDA issued guidance on product name placement, size, and prominence in promotional labeling and advertisements for prescription drugs. (FDA)

2. Sanofi received FDA approval for insulin analog Admelog to control blood-sugar levels after meals for children and adults with type 1 diabetes, as well as adults with type 2 diabetes. It becomes the first FDA-approved follow-on biologic version of Eli Lilly’s Humalog. (PMLive)

3. Gilead Sciences, Amgen, and Bayer allegedly hired nurses to promote their diabetes drugs to physicians and patients, violating federal kickback laws, according to lawsuit documents. (Stat)

4. The House Energy and Commerce health subcommittee will finalize legislative text that addresses inconsistencies in over-the-counter dosing and label information as early as this month. Additionally, some senators plan to release their own bill. (Stat)

5. A single infusion of Celgene and BlueBird’s experimental gene therapy bb2121 sustained a response of more than a year in some pre-treated multiple myeloma patients, according to Phase-III trial data released at ASH. (MedPageToday)