For years, we’ve been able to utilize the same playbook in Pharma marketing to drive results. However, as the pipeline has evolved, consumer and HCP expectations have evolved and technology has unlocked new ways to engage with our audiences. It’s time for a new playbook. At OHG, we are breaking category norms and conventions and writing a new playbook. 

It’s no longer about marketers keeping up with our competitors. It’s about keeping up with our customers. It starts with meeting our audiences where they are in their lives.Their expectations on how they want to engage with a healthcare brand is set outside of our sector. hey’re shopping on Instagram, communicating via FaceTime, and streaming their favorite programs on their way to the grocery store.   

Today, health happens everywhere. Our strategy is about supporting connections between patients and HCPs where they are. Our modernized model for the industry is about engaging with our audiences everywhere and at every stage of their journey. We’re using our proprietary platform OMNI to identify unique insights, where and when to engage and content creation while ensuring everything we do drives value for patients and providers and delivers business impact for our clients. By infusing the best and most robust data set globally from more than 72 markets, we streamline and optimize in real time across everything marketers do.

One of the payoffs of being the most networked network is improving the velocity of connections that are beyond health offerings. We’re looking to iconic Apple, Mercedes and Nike for inspiration on how to embrace technology and innovation for our audiences. It’s no longer solely about the big creative campaign idea.  It’s about leveraging new talent like creative engineers that can bring those ideas to life. We’re working alongside Adobe to create new products and exclusive offerings that are helping our clients transform faster.

We need to wrap patients with experiences other than blanket copay assistance and savings cards – connected experiences that are personalized to geography, socioeconomic background, diet and exercise programs.  Then make connections with HCPs to prescribe the products and with patients to ask for that product by name and encourage their adherence.

Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to address health disparities and inequity. Our HiView process connects a diversity and inclusive outlook to every creative concept, every piece of content, every experience that we deliver, ensuring it identifies cultural sensitivities and connects from a language and imagery perspective. 

It is no longer about “pharma being a follower,” but establishing a leadership position in modern marketing.  We need to reach beyond our teams to forge unexpected connections that create never-before-seen solutions tackling what’s now—and next—getting you from science to market, ensuring access, and driving personalized engagement with patients and providers. All while holding ourselves to the highest standard: to be the case study.