How marketers tap into podcasts varies. Regardless of format, podcasts are ideally suited for storytelling. That’s a key reason the channel is one of the strongest for educating on patient experiences and should be a critical source for all journey and discovery work. Given the ever-increasing number of podcasts, the channel is also attracting more advertisers looking to reach a growing and engaged audience. And for some brands, a branded podcast can be a game changer. Not meant to be literally about a brand, a branded podcast is created by a brand. Like other forms of content marketing, the less about the presenting company and product, the better.

Now is a great time to embrace podcasting if your position within an industry or category makes you an expert on a topic. For clients whose brand is part of a complex, multifaceted process or breaking new scientific and clinical ground, podcasts are an excellent way to break down and educate an audience through the power of storytelling.  Even more powerful, showcasing relevant experts on the topic — both from within and outside the organization — is one of the best ways to credential your story. Here are two examples of branded podcasts we love.

The Antigen #COVID-19 miniseries

Find it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Building off the success of its first series, Pfizer launched a miniseries dedicated to COVID-19 to bring accurate information on the unfolding pandemic to listeners. Listen to the story of COVID-19 from an insider’s perspective as one of the largest manufacturers involved in COVID-19 research discusses efforts across the industry to find a potential vaccine and treatment. Hear updates on progress and challenges from leading industry experts including UNICEF, IFRC and more. 

Perspectives on Health and Tech

Find it: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud

As a leader in health IT, Cerner is a global health company contributing to the systemic improvement of healthcare delivery and the health of communities. The podcast brings forth conversations with clients, providers and other industry partners in a unique and concise five-question conversation format. With almost 200 episodes, it is covering all the major and trending topics in healthcare delivery from interoperability, health policy, population health management and telehealth.