The evolution of patient needs and rising consumer expectations are shaping a new era in healthcare — one that calls for a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical industry’s approach to patient support. Connecting multiple adjacent services into a seamless whole, companies have an opportunity to create a single support ecosystem for patients that includes HUB services, patient engagement and specialty pharmacy (SP) services. These components work together to provide comprehensive and effective support. Each of the components has a specific role in ensuring patients receive the education, resources, medication access and ongoing support that’s required.

HUB services act as a logistical backbone to the support ecosystem, ensuring that patients gain access to medications swiftly and efficiently. They help patients navigate the complex landscape of reimbursement, eliminating barriers that could hinder therapy. Specialty pharmacy providers deliver dispensing systems, enabling patients to receive medications. Their roles are vital to supporting patients’ access to treatment.

The addition of specialized patient engagement services takes the patient’s therapeutic journey to a new dimension. Expert professionals such as clinical nurse educators and patient navigators provide emotional support, acting as a guiding light through the often-daunting healthcare system. They become the patient’s advocate, offering personalized support, education and resources throughout their journey, building continuity and trust. They drive behavioral change, motivating patients to adhere to treatment plans with renewed commitment. They create open lines of communication, so patients are heard, questions are answered and concerns are addressed. They transform the patient experience into journeys of empowerment where patients are ready to take charge of their health.

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Partnering with a Patient Engagement Solution Provider

Companies with a singular focus and proven results in patient engagement are best positioned to complement HUB and SP services by addressing the emotional, educational and behavioral aspects of patient care that otherwise might go unaddressed. First and foremost, patient engagement is their core competency. They specialize in understanding patient behaviors, needs and motivations. Their expertise lies in designing interventions that empower patients, fostering active participation in their healthcare journey. They have the technology capabilities to bring all stakeholders together on a shared data platform, so each has a full view of the patient.

A compelling advantage to partnering with a patient engagement solution provider is their proven impact. It is important they have a track record of improving patient adherence, outcomes and satisfaction with methods that have been tested, refined and have demonstrated tangible results in real-world scenarios.

In one recent case study, a top 30 biopharma company specializing in rare disease partnered with a patient engagement provider in addition to the HUB and achieved a more than 15% improvement in the 90-day persistence rate and an 8% increase at 180 days. A cohort of 700 patients rated their satisfaction 5/5. The patient engagement provider helped expedite HUB processes, reducing receipt-to-dispense time to 9.8 days from a historical average of 18 days.

Patient engagement companies are laser-focused, ensuring that every intervention counts. They understand the intricacies of patient interaction, optimizing every touchpoint to achieve meaningful outcomes without unnecessary resource drain.

Partnering with these companies allows other partners in the ecosystem to concentrate on their unique strengths. HUB and SP providers can channel their energies into ensuring seamless logistics, quick access to medications and streamlined operations, while patient engagement experts take care of building trusted, lasting patient relationships.

By combining the strengths of patient engagement providers, HUBs and SPs, manufacturers can create a healthcare journey that’s not just prescribed, but personalized and empowering.