Ashfield Health
115 Broadway
New York, New York 10006
Year Founded
Parent Company
UDG Healthcare
Full-time Employees
Number of Clients
North America
Boston, MA (Mind+Matter) Cary, NC (MicroMass) Chicago, IL (Ashfield MedComms) Middletown, PA (Ashfield MedComms) New York, NY (Mind+Matter) New York, NY (Ashfield Health) New York, NY (CreateNYC) New York, NY (Ashfield MedComms) Oakland, CA (Mind+Matter) San Diego, CA (Canale)
Executives & Senior Management
Amar Urhekar
Global president, Ashfield Health
Simon Hackett
Global growth director, Ashfield Health
Ben Beckley
President, Mind+Matter
Senior Management
Amar Urhekar Global president
Simon Hackett Global growth director
Ben Beckley President, Mind+Matter
Andrew Davidson Global HR president
Cliff McConkey Global finance director
Angela Cairns Quality and compliance director
Sam Witney Head of IT
Recent Executive Hires
Amar Urhekar Global president

Our business is better health. We exist to create inspiring, life-changing solutions to achieve new realities for our clients. We exist to make it matter.

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Ashfield Health
Capabilities/Services Offered
Professional Consumer OTC Direct Marketing Media Planning Med-ed Payer Med-Tech Public Health Data/Analytics Digital
New Roles
Roles Added 1 Roles Global growth director, Simon Hackett
Creative Samples

Surveys and qualitative interviews led to develop a supportive discussion guide under the creative platform of instigating a “Manversation.” The campaign produced millions of impressions on Facebook.

We literally painted a picture of life with COPD in this unique campaign. Our in-house illustrator transformed patient testimonials into a series of vivid, hand-drawn illustrations.