Concentric Health Experience
One World Trade Center
New York, New York 10007
Year Founded
North American Revenue 2021
Full-time Employees 2021
Number of clients 2021
Executives & Senior Management
Michael Sanzen
Kristin McAteer
Managing Director, Client Solutions
Senior Management
Ken Begasse Jr. CEO
Michael Sanzen CCO
Andrew Bast CSO
Dr. Joseph Sklar, PhD CMO
Becca Tlustosch CFO
Kristin McAteer Managing Director, Client Solutions
Julie Preston Managing Director, Operations
Joe Farina Managing Director of Furnace
Gabrielle Sprance SVP Creative Director
Maggie Lyons Management Supervisor
Alex Kooluris Management Supervisor
Agency 100 Book Cover
Capabilities/Services Offered
Professional Consumer OTC Direct Marketing Med-ed Payer Med-Tech Public Health Data/Analytics Digital
Creative Samples