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Jonathan Koch Chief Executive Officer
Amar Urhekar Chief Operating Officer
Gail Flockhart Chief Commercial Officer
John Gransee Chief Financial Officer
Harriet Shurville Chief People Officer
Matt Bolton Head of Consulting
Effie Baoutis President of Medical
Tim Wright President of Policy, Access, Value and Evidence, Global
Sarah Alwardt President of Policy, Access, Value and Evidence, US
Jas Hummel Head of Global Marketing
Mario Muredda President of Marketing
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Avalere Health—one single unified commercialization partner In a market saturated with sub-brands and spin-offs, it takes courage and tenacity to unite. At Avalere Health, we act and move as one. In October 2023, we departed from our identity as Fishawack Health, retired a dozen heritage brands, and unified our 1,500+ experts under a single vision, structure, and global brand—Avalere Health. Uniting under one ethos, one brand, one vision, one team, and one united service set, the rebrand announced our connected commercialization partner proposition and cemented our ability to rapidly mobilize tailor-made teams to deliver best-in-class solutions and innovate at speed. Operating seamlessly across capabilities from advisory to implementation, we continue to break down silos and partner with biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and wellness companies to develop interdisciplinary responses to commercialization challenges. Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence With the Inflation Reduction Act and other economic and policy changes becoming some of the biggest barriers to successfully commercializing products and services, Avalere Health continues to invest and grow our differentiated service offering in policy (global, federal, and state), market access, reimbursement, HEOR, evidence generation, and value across North America and globally. Expansion of Digital, Experience, and Technology and Media teams and the interdisciplinary AI council Technological advancement remains a priority—we are partnering with major tech companies, evolving internal capabilities, and developing tools that solve client business challenges and enhance internal productivity. In 2023, we expanded our Digital Experience Technology and Media teams, helping to power our services across Consulting; Medical; Policy; Value, Evidence, and Access; and Marketing. We formalized our interdisciplinary AI Council, enabling us to accelerate our data, technology, and digital application offering, spanning market access, health economics and outcomes research, and omnichannel engagements. New datasets offering an unparalleled view of the patient journey In 2023, we added new datasets to provide an end-to-end view of the patient journey and invested in data on autoimmune diseases. These new datasets complement our existing expansive open and closed claims data representing all payer markets, formulary and benefit design data, clinical data, and data on the social determinants of health, as well as patient programs, digital interactions, devices, market data, and more. These wide-ranging datasets allow our experts across disciplines to generate insights that create a 360-degree view of healthcare landscapes. With this holistic understanding, we can forge connections across the healthcare continuum, simplifying the complex and uncovering and communicating the relevance of the science for every healthcare professional, provider, payer, policymaker, and investor. A proprietary platform driving highly personalized medical engagement programs Avalere Health has developed a unique technology-driven and customer-centric platform that empowers biopharmaceutical teams to achieve highly personalized engagement planning and deployment. The innovative, easy-to-use, real-time, interactive digital platform includes a range of embedded tools that support central and infield medical teams in several different ways. One of the platform's tools facilitates the capture and translation of insights from across medical teams to enable automated integration and creation of situation analyses to support onward strategic planning. The platform also supports the consistent development of customer journeys via the determination of needs, belief shifts, and associated content. Furthermore, the platform can enable medical teams to plan global and local medical engagement campaigns by visualizing how planned and approved content aligns with key assets, engagement objectives, and scientific narratives. Finally, the platform provides clear engagement metrics, enabling clients to determine the true effectiveness of their medical engagement programs to optimize and standardize approaches to strategic content development, driving cost-efficiency and ensuring return on investment. 'Living Brands' Avalere Health's US Marketing capability continued to build out its 'Living Brands' ethos, helping to drive growth for healthcare brands in the face of unprecedented, accelerated change. The Living Brands ethos integrates both brand marketing and omnichannel marketing capabilities. We have combined expertise across our insight generation, brand planning and strategy, creative and content strategy, engagement, activation, and performance measurement, media and analytics, and data and technology disciplines, enabling us to best create and nurture healthcare brands, making them more relevant to more people over time. Our omnichannel INSPIRE platform leverages diverse data from both inside and outside the healthcare marketing realm. It forms part of our suite of applications, supporting our teams to better identify, understand, and empathize with audiences at scale, and then intelligently and quickly act on that understanding to engage those audiences in ways that lead to better health. Emerging biotech investment and commercialization Finally, we continue to enhance our bespoke full-service offering for emerging biotech businesses, supporting these clients through the complex funding and M&A landscape. Working at the pre-clinical stage, experts from across our Financial Services, Policy, and Advisory teams partner with executive teams in emerging biotech companies to develop investment strategies, clear value propositions, and go-to-market plans, allowing them to successfully commercialize their products and services, either through acquisition or a partnership. Beyond the funding landscape, we are leveraging our holistic expertise across the product lifecycle to support biotechs in two ways: through our embedded model, in which a dedicated expert seamlessly joins the biotech team on the ground to apply their knowledge and expertise, and through our common model of client partnership that allows our teams to nimbly assemble the right expertise to support emerging biotechs at every phase of commercialization. This ranges from early-phase planning to building a strong go-to-market plan to evidence generation and publications planning, navigating the complex market access and policy landscapes, ensuring a successful rapid first commercial launch, upskilling, and growing teams, and ensuring a future-proofed strategy in the face of market complexity and competition.
New Roles
Roles Added 11 Roles Harriet Shurville, Chief People Officer Amar Urhekar, Chief Operating Officer Sarah Alwardt, promotion to President of Policy, Access, Value and Evidence John Gransee, Chief Financial Officer Tim Wright, President of Policy, Access, Value and Evidence, Global Effie Baoutis, President of Medical Laura Housman, Senior Vice President and Practice Director Jeffrey D. Erb, Chief Media Officer Ryan Mason, promotion to Chief Marketing and Creative Officer Lance Grady, promotion to Executive Vice President, Life Sciences Strategy & Growth Celine Vita, Chief Growth Officer
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