What to Expect


What to Expect leaders have done an exceptional job evolving the brand from its original print format into a multichannel powerhouse by continuing to develop content and programs to meet audience needs.

Case in point – last year the brand developed and launched Alexa content to make life easier for expectant and new parents.Judges applauded the brand’s highly tailored content across all channels, but they were impressed by the new Alexa content.

The brand team worked directly with Amazon to ensure it was developing and using voice technology in the smartest way. At awards entry time, the Alexa content included week-by-week pregnancy expectation reports, daily tips tailored to pregnancy stages, and more.

Other notable content enhancements last year included leveraging partnerships with influential health leaders to quickly spread accurate information about the Zika virus and antibiotic resistance. And for a second year, What to Expect partnered with International Medical Corps, UN Foundation, and 1000 Days on #BumpDay to celebrate and support healthy pregnancies worldwide. 

The initiative expanded its reach as the hashtag trended on Facebook.

WhattoExpect.com consistently registers nearly 60% of all pregnant women in the U.S. Last year, the site garnered more than 16 million unique visitors, up 9% over 2015. The brand’s app averaged 14 visits per user per month, and its newsletter had two million active stage-based subscribers.

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