MediMedia Managed Markets

Stakeholder Mapping and Segmentation

Judges were highly impressed with MediMedia Managed Markets work to help a pharma client gain some insight into the types of Integrated Delivery Networks’ system structures in a specific market.

“This is a great case study of data driving access to products,” said one judge. “A very innovative use of data.”

A second judge commented on the clarity of the stakeholder analytics plan, while a third praised MediMedia for addressing the challenges of analyzing IDNs in the overall healthcare mix and leveraging the insights to improve results.

A MediMedia representative noted the company’s work is confidential, yet the scope of work included mapping hospitals to health systems, IDNs, GPOs, and ACOs, as well as providing segmentation and targeting analysis of the data.

The analysis was designed to suit multiple manufacturer stakeholders, but the primary audience was a payer marketing team.

Quite a few challenges in the specified market impacted model development.

Seventeen data sources were incorporated into the final model. A representative from MediMedia added that “the result was a fully integrated data ecosystem that provided visibility across all customer types and standardized performance measurement and reporting.”

The analysis and supporting data ultimately helped to refine brand market access strategy; revise sales alignment; develop resources for underperforming segments; establish baseline performance metrics in lieu of market share; and support consistent reporting among stakeholders.

Results included expanded inpatient formulary coverage and improved utilization rates with both system-affiliated and ACO-affiliated consumers.

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