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6 campaigns that make a difference by elevating the craft


  • Rich Levy, Chief creative officer, Klick Health

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to give thanks to the agencies and teams who gave it their best shot to elevate the industry in 2019. True, none of these campaigns won major awards. They didn’t even shortlist in Cannes. But I think they really tried to make a difference by elevating the craft, the humor, or even the emotion of their respective categories and help propel us forward just by trying to reach for the stars.

  • Havas Sanofi

    Havas Lynx Manchester & Sanofi Genzyme

    This disease educational campaign for Pompe’s disease has a lot going for it. It’s a really interesting idea that was executed beautifully. Unlike other pharma campaigns for rare diseases, this campaign does an excellent job to help doctors understand the struggle patients have understanding their symptoms. Nicely done.

  • McCann Hospital

    McCann Health, Brasil, São Paulo & Hospital Moinhos de Vento

    In Brazil, many people are still not donating organs. This campaign is trying to remind them how valuable their organs are to people in need of an organ transplant. I think the execution of this idea is amazing. The art direction and the illustration are both top-notch. Great job.

  • Saatchi Sanofi

    Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness Sydney & Sanofi Aventis

    I can’t take my eyes off of this campaign. As an in-office poster, I know that, as a patient, I would look at this piece for hours while waiting for my appointment. It did its job and did it really well. The fact that it wasn’t even shortlisted is a bit surprising. Kudos to everyone who worked on this project.

  • VCCP Leo

    VCCP Health London & Leo Pharma

    When you watch a video and it literally makes your skin crawl, someone’s done a pretty good job making a condition relatable. And anyone who has suffered from psoriasis can definitely relate to the itch. I can’t believe this didn’t do better on the award circuit. Well done, VCCP.

  • FCBA23 Synergy

    FCB Health/Area 23 & Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    When you’re working on chronic Idiopathic Constipation, it’s really easy to go with toilet humor. So you’ve got to give the creative team credit for trying to do something completely different and unexpected. (In full transparency, I used to work there.) Huge shout out to the illustrator, Patricio Andrés Vergara from Lamano Estudio for creating what I believe to be one of the best illustrations this year.

  • InTouch Regeneron

    Intouch Solutions & Regeneron

    I’ve watched this video for a retinal disease treatment a bunch of times as I really admire the storytelling. Let’s face it, this is the type of work we do day-to-day, and much of it requires making a simple idea memorable. Great job by this team. The narrative is fresh and inventive. The animation is also quite clever.