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6 campaigns that use humor to drive behavior change


  • Ashley_Schofield

    Ashley Schofield, Cofounder and creative lead, Brick City Greenhouse

    Humor and healthcare have a funny relationship. The two may not seem like a natural fit, but when used appropriately, humor can surprise and delight an audience and drive behavior change just as powerfully as a more serious approach. But just like the drugs we promote, we need to weigh the risks vs benefits of using humor in our work. Bottom line: Using humor in the healthcare category is bold and requires bravery from both the agency and the client. But when it’s done right, like in the ads shown here, humor can help a brand break through the noise in an effective, memorable way.

  • nature calls Alyvant_Therapeutics

    Nature Calls, Avadel Pharmaceuticals (now owned by Alyvant), Fingerpaint

    How do you raise awareness of nocturia in a fun and memorable way? Use a mischievous raccoon to illustrate the most annoying part of the disease: waking up several times during the night to pee. The story of one man’s struggle in this HCP campaign is a great example of empathy-inducing humor.

  • nyc botanics.com, gsw new york

    Mostly Good, NYC Botanics.com, GSW New York

    This DTC campaign uses subtle humor to educate patients about the company’s CBD oil product. It reassures them that the THC content is tiny compared to the bigger health benefits of CBD, so they won’t feel high, just better. The clever image of a nun revealing just a hint of sexy stocking ties perfectly to the Mostly Good message.

  • UMD_Urgent_Care

    Around the Corner, UMD Urgent Care, Area 23

    This consumer campaign cleverly captures why we all need access to care when something goes horribly wrong. Though the visuals are playful and fun (and beautifully executed), the more serious message about life’s unpredictability is clear.

  • Sanofi_Pasteur

    Whooping Cough Awareness, Sanofi Pasteur, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, Australia

    This consumer awareness campaign for whooping cough does a great job of dramatizing the impact one cough can have on others and dials up the urgency to vaccinate. The illustrative style strikes the right balance of being fun without minimizing the importance of the message.

  • unscary winter, regione lazio and superhumans

    Unscary Winter, Regione Lazio and SuperHumans, Rome, Italy

    Flu season is a scary time for the young and the elderly due to their vulnerable immune systems. The quiet gentleness captured between the little girl and her giant tea party guest in this awareness campaign does a wonderful job of using humor in a sweet and totally unexpected way.

  • viagra bleep campaign, pfizer and taxi, toronto

    Viagra Bleep Campaign, Pfizer and Taxi, Toronto

    Blue humor territory is explored in this Viagra DTC campaign as men share “bleeped” stories about their sex lives in unexpectedly normal places (the reactions of the people around them are priceless). This is such a cool, original way to tell an efficacy story.