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6 Cannes winning campaigns turned lack of resources into raw creativity


  • Lucas Zaiden, creative director, Rapp NY

    Lucas Zaiden, creative director, Rapp NY

    About a month from now we’ll all be tuning in to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Most entries will feature a large shot of an iPhone with some sharp tech. I’m particularly interested in work that managed to get the jury’s attention by using the simplest tools. And it is even more compelling when that idea not only manages to reach the top, but also happens to be one that can improve people’s health and well-being. Here are six such ideas.

  • Noon Assembly-1

    Noon Assembly, Kwality, McCann Health

    The Noon Assembly is an initiative to shift school assembly timings from early morning to noon. This will help address the huge Vitamin D deficiency problem in children.

  • Sip Safe-1

    Sip Safe, Monash University, Y&R

    With the staggering amount of sexual assaults related to spiking drinks, the Sip Safe wristband is a functional spearhead in the fight against predatory behavior toward women.

  • rx prescription stickers

    Rx Prescription Stickers, Dubai Health Authority, The Classic Partnership

    A simple pictorial prescription sticker that clearly indicates the correct dosage of most medication created for the 750,000 blue-collared workforce in Dubai, most of whom are illiterate.

  • Dissolving Posters

    Dissolving Posters, Associação Internacional Habitat, Para A Humanidade, BETC/Havas

    Posters that dissolve in the rain and kill the mosquito before it is born. When the rain falls, the posters dissolve, releasing a powerful larvicide present in its composition.

  • SAVLON-HEALTHY-HANDS-CHALK-STICKS---information-chart-big

    Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks, ITC, Ogilvy & Mather

    Kids think washing their hands with water is enough in Indian rural areas. Also, kid’s hands already get dirt from chalk sticks at schools. So ITC created chalk sticks powder that works as soap. The existing behavior plus a simple technology made for easy adoption and a huge impact.

  • The Health Purse

    The Health Purse, Mahindra Rise, Grey

    The Health Purse addressed the lack of awareness about self-examination steps using a cultural habit to educate women and serve as a reminder for regular checks that could help early detection and save more lives.