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MM&M Editorial Staff

Marc Iskowitz

Editor in Chief

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Contact Marc with questions about MM&M events, features, or news stories.


Jaimy Lee

Executive Editor

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Contact Jaimy with pitches for editorial videos, news stories, and online op-eds, as well as pitches related to Cannes Lions Health and the magazine's coverage of gender and diversity issues. She also writes about drug pricing and payers. 

Larry Dobrow

Senior Editor

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Larry manages print commentaries and all print features, including Headliners, Therapeutic Focus, and supplements. He also leads the coverage of the Top 100 Agencies issue in July. Features are commissioned at least 14 weeks prior to the publish date.

Kevin McCaffrey

Senior reporter

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Contact Kevin with pitches for Partner Forum. He covers clinical news, focusing on the immuno-oncology, multiple sclerosis, and rare disease markets, and the FDA.

Virginia Lau


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Virginia handles Upward Moves, At Work With, and Private View. She also runs MM&M's social media channels and covers media companies, CME, startups, and technology, including ad tech and digital media.

MM&M Sales Staff

Doreen Gates

Vice President of Sales

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Tara Newton

Senior Account Executive

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Mark Siebel

Account executive

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Jeniffer Amparo

Program Specialist

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Haymarket Content Lab

Gideon Fidelzeid

Senior Producer

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Joann Whitcher

Senior Producer

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Brittany Aron

Project Manager

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Haymarket Media, Inc.

Lee Maniscalco

Chairman and Chief Executive

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Michael Medwig

Chief Revenue Officer

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Kathleen Grinder

Production Director

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Tracey Harilall

Circulation Marketing Manager

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