Mobile Marketing: It's Go Time

The sales reps are game, the HCPs are receptive and the mobile technology is ready. Rebecca Mayer Knutsen reports on the circumstances that have converged ...

Journal Ad Review: Back in the Mix

A few years ago medical publishers were approaching a cliff and the choices were simple: Evolve the business or fall over the edge. By having ...

How to Win an MM&M Award: 2015

You have fewer than six weeks to enter the MM&M Awards. No problem. Follow our checklist of Do's and Don'ts and tune in to our ...

Headliner: New Synta chief adds commercialization clout

Anne Whitaker, President and CEO, Synta Pharmaceuticals

Formulary Fireworks

In the wake of the high-profile showdown between Gilead and Express Scripts over the pricing of hepatitis-C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni, the pharma/PBM balance of ...

Therapeutic Focus: Metabolic

Is this finally the year that anti-obesity drugs make the leap from niche curio to mainstream therapy? Frank Celia reports on the changing practitioner mind-set ...


Orexigen pleases shareholders, irks FDA

The drugmaker released interim clinical trial information in an SEC filing that the FDA wanted kept quiet until the trial was completed.

Haymarket Media acquires digital agency Group DCA

Haymarket Media acquires digital agency Group DCA

Haymarket purchased HCP-engagement specialist Group DCA and will operate the digital agency out of its custom medical communications division.

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Wednesday, March 4

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Wednesday, March 4

FDA adds new language to low-T drug labels; Afrezza's launch has a poor start, investors say; BMS acquires prostate-cancer vaccine in a deal worth $975 million.

Researchers find safety disclaimers do not register with consumers

The study indicates patients discount wording that indicates the FDA has not approved supplement claims.

Safety advocate, DOJ settle kickback allegations

The agreement includes a $1-million payment.

IPG merges ICC Lowe shops into FCB Health, amid sluggish digital growth

IPG merges ICC Lowe shops into FCB Health, amid sluggish digital growth

Holding company will now focus on two health networks—FCB Health and McCann Health

Digital Partners 2015

Digital Partners 2015

Think Tank: There's Work to Do

Five digital pharma experts benchmark the industry's progress and project the next big digital trends

Consumers: Patients and Virtues

Consumers: Patients and Virtues

Consumers come with the same basic set of instructions as HCPs—find out what they need, then offer meaningful solutions. But be warned: Shiny objects may cause a temporary loss of vision

Healthcare Professionals: Chaos Breeds Opportunity

Healthcare Professionals: Chaos Breeds Opportunity

Increasingly pressed for time, the last thing physicians need is more engagement opportunities with pharma, right? Wrong. It's all about offering the right content in the right format at the right time

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